Indigeneity in the Contemporary World: Performance, Politics, Belonging

EcoCentrix Online

EcoCentrix Online is an innovative digital exhibition of performance-based arts from the Americas, the Pacific, Australia and South Africa. This resource, drawing from our live exhibition staged at Bargehouse in 2013 and delivered in an artistic register, is being designed to show how creative practitioners respond to a range of issues confronting indigenous people around the globe. The website’s unique platform invites users to explore performance in dynamic and interactive ways, creating their own virtual gallery experiences. We expect the site to be publicly available in late 2016.

With this online exhibition, we have attempted to challenge the traditional disciplinary boundaries between art forms, between the arts and anthropology, between the gallery and the museum, between the artist and the activist, and between intangible heritage and information technology. Digital innovation encourages new ways of thinking about the real and the virtual platforms on which we negotiate our lives. Shifting between live and virtual engagement, artists have been some of the first to model ways of living between cultures, to offer new modes of seeing, and most importantly, to provoke dialogue. The interactive platform of EcoCentrix Online is specifically designed to grow and develop the site in response to user feedback as well as the ongoing input of indigenous performance makers.


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