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Soli I Tai – Soli I Uta (Tread on the Sea – Tread on the Land)
Videographer: Sergio Miguel Huarcaya
A short documentary focusing on the work of Pasifikan performance artist Rosanna Raymond during her 2014 residency at Berlin's Ethnology Museum. Highlights include scenes from her Acti.VA.tion of the museum’s galleries and excerpts from the poem, ‘Glass Balls and Dark Seas’. 
8 April–4 May 2014

Sing Land: SongMark and other Indigenous Illuminations
Videographer: Sergio Miguel Huarcaya
A short video of Métis sound artist Cheryl L’Hirondelle’s residency at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London in 2014. The footage documents experiments with QTVR footage and the building of a light tipi on Millennium Bridge.
13 April–5 May 2014

The Artist Sings: Peter Morin in Conversation
Directors: Sergio Huarcaya and Dani Phillipson
A short documentary featuring comments by Tahltan Nation creative artist Peter Morin and segments from his 2013 intervention, Cultural Graffiti in London. An essay on this performance with additional audio-visual assets is available here.
5–24 June 2013

Rosanna Raymond – Masi Maidens at the EcoCentrix Exhibition
Videographer: Sergio Huarcaya
Performance excerpts from 03.02
8 November 2013

EcoCentrix on Video
In late 2013, the 17-day exhibition 'EcoCentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts' brought to London the work of indigenous performance makers from various parts of the world. This 28-minute video, directed by Sergio Miguel Huarcaya and Helen Gilbert, documents the exhibition in an artistic mode, foregrounding the Bargehouse gallery setting as part of its ambience. Scenes from the experimental activation 'Masi Maidens', by Rosanna Raymond and Katrina Igglesden, structure the footage, leading viewers on an imaginative walk through the building. Other highlights include clips of live art, hip-hop and storytelling along with interview snippets from artists and curators. 
25 October–10 November 2013

Out of the Exhibition: Indigenous Performance and the Arts of Diplomacy
Speaker: Professor Helen Gilbert, International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the UK.
With reference to indigenous performance making, this talk tracks ways in which cultural value accrues to objects and artforms; and explores possibilities for a grass-roots diplomacy in international arenas.
12 July 2013

Yum Kin (Mayan Experimental Music)
Videographer: Genner Llanes-Ortiz
Brief excerpts of new songs and improvisations by Roger Juarez and Pedro Hernandez from the Mayan experimental music group Yum Kin, during a guest performance at the University of London.
30 May 2013

Edgar Heap of Birds – How do we see each other?
Conceptual artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds from the Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations of Oklahomaquestions non-Native historical representations of Native Americans. Edgar’s intervention at the National Portrait Gallery in London responds to the recent exhibition George Catlin: American Indian Portraits.
17 May 2013

Alex Wells, Three-Times World Champion Hoop Dancer
A short video featuring Lil’wat Nation Hoop Dancer Alex Wells at Royal Holloway, University of London. In his workshop, ‘The Art of the Contemporary Hoop Dance’, Alex demonstrates how this form of story telling expresses Native American values and traditions.
16 April 2013

Thoughts on Contact: A Dialogue
Speakers: Professor Michelle H. Raheja, with questions from Helen Gilbert and Sergio Huarcaya.
This dialogue focuses on ‘contact’ in relation to history, memory, performance, pedagogy and indigenous knowledges. Professor Raheja, of Seneca descent, is Director of the California Center for Native Nations at UC Riverside and visiting fellow to the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World project.
20 November 2012

Redfacing Redux: The Afterlife of Native American Images
Speaker: Professor Michelle H. Raheja, ‘Recasting Commodity and Spectacle in the Indigenous Americas’ symposium.
This keynote presentation situates images of Native Americans as central to the colonial and nationalist fantasies of European Americans and explores the impact of such racialised imagery on contemporary indigenous filmmakers. Professor Raheja, of Seneca descent, is Director of the California Center for Native Nations at the University of California, Riverside and visiting fellow to the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World project.
22 November 2012

Politics of Distribution: Building Audiences for Bolivian Indigenous Films
Speaker: Professor Gabriela Zamorano Villarreal, ‘Recasting Commodity and Spectacle in the Indigenous Americas’ symposium.
A keynote presentation examining issues facing indigenous video activists in Bolivia working within the National Program of Indigenous Audiovisual Communication, a non-governmental initiative. Professor Zamorano is professor of visual anthropology at Colegio de Michoacán, Mexico, as well as a photographer, curator and video director.
23 November 2012

Fiesta of Maize in Yucatán
Researcher and Videographer: Genner Llanes-Ortiz
A short documentary showing the celebration of the fiesta of maize in Kambul, Yucatan in 2012. The footage foregrounds the blessing of the seeds ritual, the exchange of native seeds and the community theatre play created by Maria Luisa Gongora Pacheco for the occasion.
April 2012

Feria of Native Seeds in Quintana Roo
Researcher and Videographer: Genner Llanes-Ortiz
Foregrounding performance-based practices such as rituals, song, theatre, storytelling and dance, this video shows aspects of the celebration of the feria for the exchange of native seeds in Buena Fe, Quintana Roo in 2012.
April 2012

Ixi'im Wíinko'on (Feria de las semillas nativas en Buena Fe)
Researcher and Videographer: Genner Llanes-Ortiz
April 2012

‘Let the Games Begin’: Indigenous Performance and Global Spectacle, 1976–2010‘let-the-games-begin’-indigenous-performance-and-global-spectacle-1976-2010/
Speaker: Professor Helen Gilbert, Royal Holloway Public Interest Lecture Series
This illustrated presentation analyses the complexities and contradictions characterising indigenous performances in opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics Games in Canada, Australia and the USA. Professor Gilbert is Director of the Centre for International Theatre and Performance Research at Royal Holloway, University of London, and the Principal Investigator of the ‘Indigeneity in the Contemporary World’ project.
9 February 2012

Making the Modern Whare Tapere
Speaker: Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal,
This video presentation discusses the ways in which fragmentary knowledge about the Whare Tapere, a pre-European village ‘house’ of storytelling and performance, is being used today to inspire and influence new arts projects. Professor Royal, of Maori descent, is a composer, musician and researcher at the University of Auckland. He directs Ng? Pae o te M?ramatanga, one of New Zealand’s seven Centres of Research Excellence, and is visiting fellow to the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World project.
9 November 2011

Kuya Raymi
Researcher and Videographer: Sergio Huarcaya
Kuya Raymi is the festivity of fertility and femininity organized each year in a different indigenous community in the valley of Otavalo, Ecuador by the Federation of Indigenous Peoples and Peasants of Imbabura. In 2011, it was celebrated in the indigenous community of El Cercado.

The Return of the Last of the Pequots: Disappearance as Heritage
Speaker: Professor Joseph Roach, Launch of the Centre for International Theatre and Performance Research, Royal Holloway
A presentation examining the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, which celebrates Pequot heritage through the performance and counter-performance of the historical disappearance of the Pequots. Professor Roach, a performance theorist, stage director and renowned theatre historian directs the World Performance Project at Yale.
15 September 2009

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