Helen Gilbert

Assistant Curator
Dani Phillipson

Film Associate
Charlotte Gleghorn

Lucy Algar
Dani Phillipson

Digital Designer
Jamie Griffiths

Curatorial Assistants
Sergio Huarcaya
Genner Llanes-Ortiz
Dylan Robinson

Sergio Huarcaya

Production Assistant
Rose Harriman

Cultural Advisors
Genner Llanes-Ortiz (Maya)
Ocean Mercier (Ngati Porou)
Peter Morin (Tahltan)
Michelle Raheja (Seneca)
Rosanna Raymond (Pasifikan)
Dylan Robinson (Stö:lō)

EcoCentrix is presented by the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World project, a five year initiative funded by the European Research Council and led by Professor Helen Gilbert at Royal Holloway, University of London.


Working in dialogue with scholars and artists for more than 20 years, Helen Gilbert has followed a passionate interest in the aesthetics and politics of cross-cultural engagement. She has directed and designed experimental theatre projects in Australian universities and is internationally known for her ground-breaking research in indigenous performance studies.

Trained in theatre and film production, Dani Phillipson explores ways that particular forms of indigeneity are emerging as distinct global brands while simultaneously becoming part of a new mainstream.

Charlotte Gleghorn is an expert in Latin American film, with a particular emphasis on authorship in Indigenous film, the political work of cinema and its relationship to processes of memory.

Sergio Miguel Huarcaya is an anthropologist and filmmaker who studies the way in which indigenous performance in the Ecuadorian highlands might transform social inequalities.

Genner Llanes-Ortiz, a Maya anthropologist from Yucatán, studies Maya ritual, performance and knowledge as part of the movement for greater social justice and recognition.

Dylan Robinson is a Stö:lō scholar and artist whose work examines the role of First Nations arts in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and in the broader public sphere.

Rose Harriman works as a project assistant for the EcoCentrix exhibition and is helping to organize artist residencies and develop resources for ongoing inter-cultural dialogues.

Opening Hours

EcoCentrix is a free exhibition for visitors of all ages.
Open daily 11am–7pm.
25 October–10 November 2013.

Address & Contact Details

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse St, London. SE1 9PH

Ph: 020 7021 1600

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